Friday, October 29, 2010

Green With Envy

"It is our beliefs that determine our character, 
or what we really are, and our character that determines are behavior."

Do you truly believe true love exists? Its an interesting question. Because you automatically admit to yourself, “Yes, Of Course it Exists.” Then you second guess yourself and say well it has to exist, everybody says it does. You wonder is there really that special person for me, or will I just settle for somebody else. Will I end up like those people in movies who are lonely, depressed, and lacking vitality? Because I feel like we all in the back of our minds worry about these things. It might not be a constant reoccurring but I believe everybody is secretly slightly about the possibility of true love. Does it exist? Is it something that is just in movies? Or is it truly possible in real life or will it happen to you? I don’t have any answers. Not any consolation. Just they idea that hopefully it does exist and if you are feeling the same way you are not alone. So hopefully our soul mates are out there.  Sorry to end on a sour note, well not sour, just a little bit on the edge of depressing. Put it out of your mind. 

Well it is halloween weekend, so be prepared for all that crazy jazz. My favorite part is the true feeling of fall. I love how the leaves are changing to these rich vibrant colors and the geese are circling. I love the feeling of bundling up and sitting beside a warm fireplace. My favorite holiday is not halloween but rather the one of the best holidays, thanksgiving. I am already thinking of the pumpkin pies and stuffing. And speaking up pumpkins, I carved mine already. It looks like a poor little scared pumpkin but I love it! 


  1. Gorgeous pics :) Love it!

    G BlOG :)

  2. you are just adorable! love the outfit and your pumpkins are too cute. thank you for visiting our blog & leaving comments!!

    xo, camilla & valerie

  3. lovely blog and outfits!! I wanna give you a follow but I don't know where to find the tab, pls be welcome to follow me, thank you for the comment=) I will mark you in my favorites instead so we can be friends, how's that?