Saturday, October 30, 2010

Music of the Night

Saturdays are that one day you can sleep in till 11, and casually listen to relaxing music, light your candles and read an amazing book. The Entire week is quite hectic, so when you get to Saturday, i personally feel like all the drama and crap melts away. I mean, I actually had time to paint my nails, which is quite a rare task. So here is my Saturday Playlist. 

Congratulations (feat. Imogen Heap) - Blue October
Slow Me Down - Emmy Rossum
I Love The Rain The Most - Joe Purdy
Bella's Lullaby (from Twilight) - Starlight Orchestra
Time of My Life - Watson Twins
Hey Lady - Thriving Ivory
Angels on the Moon - Thriving Ivory
Passion Play - William Fitzsimmons
Get Happy / Happy Days are Here Again - Barbra Streisand & Judy Garland

Have a Fantastic Weekend!


  1. i agree with everything about Saturdays! haha i still need to paint my nails, which I've been meaning to do this weekend but haven't as of yet! so good on you for doing so! haha

    thank you for your lovely comment, i like the photo of you on the fork lift, so fun!

    I see you have just started your blog! all the best and a new follower! ;)

    come drop by for a visit again soon or follow too?!

    x Your Only Blackswan

  2. wauw GREAT pictures!! My saturday was filled with studying :(

    You have a very lovely blog :)


    hope you are following me :)

  3. That's so true, I feel exactly the same :)
    These pictures are great !

  4. Sweet photos, your dress is really pretty