Monday, November 1, 2010

Octopus's Garden

"The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that Little Extra"

So I hope your weekend was fantastic in every single way. This post is simply not going to be about pictures and images, but about feelings. Do you know the feeling when you find something that is so rare and unique that has you world swimming upside down? This is how I felt this weekend when I saw a movie. 

I hadn't planned on seeing it. I hadn't even wanted to see it. My family wanted to spend a little bit of time together in our busy schedules and my dad kept raving about it. The movie was Secretariat. To all you avid horse fans, I didn't know anything about this famous horse or his story. I personally tried to stay away from horse movies, cause most of them end up sad and the horse dies, gets hurt, or something in the nature. Some movies you are completely bored by, and some you watch are just okay. But this movie had an amazing effect on me. I fell in love with the heartfelt characters, the 60's housewife clothing, and the plot. But the most astounding thing to me was the words. They just lifted me up. My favorite quote would have to be:

"You never know how far you go, unless you run"

There is something about doing your best and taking chances and being the underdog that is truly an inspiration for Life in general. To understand you could either go the distance or fail and try again. But to regret a choice and forever live with the "What if's" is worthless. 

So this short little post is whatever you want it to be. A movie review, some feelings, or random thoughts of a girl.  Simply think on these things! 

Elisabeth Adele