Friday, January 21, 2011

If Life Gives You Lemons, Make A Lemon Slushie

"Everything really great and inspiring is created 
by an individual who can labor in freedom"
                           - Albert Einstein

There is something special about quote and what they can do. From famous people to unfamous people, from smart people to the uneducated, all people have something to say. But it is the truly wise people that take what they say and learn from it. Whether that is distinguishing the bad advice from the good advice or learning a new trick or connecting with an idea, the biggest thing we can learn in life is to learn from other people how to live our lives.  I am continually awe struck by quotes, some that make me smile or giggle, some that make me think or some that make me admire the person who is writing it. But I think my biggest goal is to listen. To listen, to understand what they are saying. What a great gift they have given us. 

I will stop writing about my strange love of words because yes I admit that I love reading and learning. But the best feeling is when you are reading something and you 100% understand what they are talking about. You just get it. I think that is the most rewarding thing. Gosh, there I go again. Well, I haven't written in a long time. But since it is the new year and all, I guess I should make it my goal to have one post a day. But talking about New Years Resolutions. Boy, do I have a list. I want to learn to sew, to cook more foods, to find those great fashion finds, to work out more, to improve my vocabulary and to not procrastinate. I know a tough and difficult list. But I have a year to do it. Well 365 days - 21 = 344 days. 

Eat. Pray. Love. 
What did I think of it?  Well over vacation I read the book. My favorite section definitely was the first section the "Eat" section. I mean who wouldn't want to live in Italy and eat amazing food and have good company and friends. But I was  a little lost in the "Pray" section. Meaning that, being a Christian and all, I listened and read it , but i didn't feel the complete need to re-find myself, so I didn't really relate to that all that much. But i read it and observed from a distance, I felt. But the last section made me fall in love with the down to earth character and her boyfriend. So overall I actually liked it. I mean, I am always open for new ideas and I loved the idea of stopping life for a year, taking a step back, and discover one's life again through new eyes. 

Well, a Bag of Popcorn & Movie are Calling My Name, So I Bid You Goodnight
Elisabeth Adele

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