Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Winter Wonderland

Though the vast ocean of nothingness tears us apart, 
Yet I feel a synchrony of emotions fierce as hell’s furies 
As my heart is enflamed by the sparkle in your eyes.
Though sadden by our physical separation ‘n’ entwined by intense desire. 
The rhythm of your love echoes in my veins like a thousand chords.
As the beat of your heart rhyme with my thoughts, 
My palpitating heart was pacified when I realized how much I loved you
           -Dan Ben'Dafe

So I just started my new semester at  community college after being MIA after the holidays and then being on vacation. It was absolutely shocking how much easier my classes are going to be, rather than last term where I was swamped beyond belief. I was writing essay after essay, doing math problems in between and memorizing thousands of terms for history; basically it was beyond stressful but looking back on it, I enjoyed being busy and learning new things ( I know cheesy, but true) And did I mention it snowed last night. Well, it lasted about all night, then by morning it pretty much melted away. But the funny part was about 10 people said that it was snowing and they couldn't drive in the snow. Yeah that wasn't exactly true, but it did create a pretty picture until five minutes later when it melted away. yes into mush.  
So these next couple of months I am dedicated to new things that sparked my fancy recently -- blogging, reading everything in sight, starting a journal, thrifting, and cooking. Its going to be amazing. My sister and I  already have plans tonight to go to a newer thrift shop with clothing that is spectacular at cheap prices, its basically my heaven on earth. And books, yeah  I basically in the past two days have gotten 17 books, varying from fiction light hearted reading material, to italian cooking books, even some pyschology, and of course astronomy and motivational books, so yes you could so I am blessingly addicted. But seriously I walk into the library and I just cant resist, its almost going into a bakery and looking at the shelves filled with sugary goodness packed into little treats. That is my experience at the libary. I know what you are saying, bookworm, crazy woman. And my answer would be to you, yes of course. 

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  1. Luckily my classes are going to be much easier this semester too! Whew.
    Love your outfit, and makeup. Your eyelashes look great!! Those boots are great